in the team.
We have created and maintain a workplace environment that enhances the wellbeing of our employees.

Connect work and life.

We have a motto: work time is life time.

We spend more time at work than with friends and family. Which is why we want our employees to feel good when they're at work. Our jobs should be enjoyable and carried out with purpose. And we want people to work in an environment where respect, fairness, enjoyment and openness are the fundamental principles of mutual interaction.

It isn`t always easy, but we have created the conditions that do justice to our motto. The needs of our employees are as varied as their life situations. Whether through individual part-time models, flat hierarchies, a distinctive feedback culture, the opportunity to work from home, our own training academy or internships abroad - we make work flexible and fulfilling.

Benefits of a great job

Alive and kicking

  • Fitness courses
  • Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Yoga
  • Back exercise programme
  • Fresh fruit
  • Health bar
  • Nutrition counselling

The human factor. This was a driving force when we built our company headquarters in Vreden. The architecture honours the modern workplace environment with plenty of spaces for relaxation and personal recreation.

Open-plan offices flooded with light, with healthy air and stress-free acoustics – our headquarters were designed with the creature comforts of our colleagues in mind. Enjoy a coffee on the sofa in the living area, free your mind for a new project on the sun deck, or retreat to one of our light and airy conference rooms for an important phone call: there are many sides to work at SCHNELLMEDIA. It's satisfying, and that's what matters.

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