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The SCHNELL MEDIA clipping and editing service is a reliable, quality solution for all those who work with high volumes of professional image material. With 580 employees worldwide located at sites in Germany, Thailand, Bangladesh and Cambodia, we deliver quality clipping paths, masks, -retouching, vectorization , image conversions and basic image and color correction for your print and online media. Fast, efficient, inexpensive. And sure.

3 steps. To the perfect image.

Our service – your advantage. We design a solution just for you. Simply let us know your
requirements and send us your images (even in high volumes). You will receive your edited
images within a short time.

  1. Let us know your name and phone number.
    We will be more than happy to advise you.
    Unbinding and free of charge.

1. Telephone registration

Call us on +49 (0) 2564 / 3922-0. After creating your personal account and installing our free software you can get started immediately.

2. Job transfer

With clipping24 you don’t just prepare your job and all its requirements. You transfer your stock of images without fuss for us to process. At once.

3. Image download

As soon as your job is completed you will receive notification by email. And you can download your images instantly.

So easy.The clipping24 Software.

It turbo charges the handling of your job. We provide you with the clipping24 job transfer software free of charge. Just call us after downloading! Then we can create your own personal account and you can get started immediately.

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At a glance. Image editing.

Clipping path
Alpha masking
Color masking
Color correction