Precise. Masking.

Special motifs call for special measures. Our technical capacities and personnel resources allow us to extract with ease even the finest of image elements like fur, feathers, hair, eyelashes, smoke and mist using so-called soft masking. In especially high volumes and of the very best quality.

This complex Photoshop method enables even tricky and “hairy” motifs and delicate or blurred objects to be placed against a new background. Without any loss of image detail. We provide you with precision masks or we assume the entire image editing process. For you.

Guaranteed. Your data security.

Security is not just written large in our book but XXL. Because we want you to be able to depend on us. And our experience. Not only that: We want you to know your job is in safe hands at all times. It really is! Thanks to cutting-edge server technology and absolutely watertight internal and external backup strategies. We don’t just guarantee perfect and secure end results: We also deliver them!

Accomplished. Our Image Editing Team.

We know exactly what to do when it comes to editing images. Our correction and retouching professionals are fast, experienced and up-to-date. Their editing skills make any image as expressive as a thousand words. Contact us directly.

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At a glance. Image editing.

Clipping path
Alpha masking
Color masking
Color correction