Authentic. Color Optimized.

Accurate color reproduction remains one of the greatest challenges in professional photography. Different light conditions typically result in different and even disadvantageous color appearances: Color deviation means a higher rate of returned goods! At SCHNELL MEDIA we specialize in just such cases. Backed by years of experience and a totally new color recognition method, we first of all establish the original hue of your samples (discrepancy < 5 %). The subsequent color correction process allows us to get the best out of all your images.

Personal. Your on-site consultation.

Our customers are partners who value our professional service, reliability and speed. Which is why one-to-one consultation and support are so important to us. Because this trust can only develop and grow with the personal touch. Call us anytime – and we mean anytime. And arrange an appointment with one of our many field sales representatives.

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Prompt. Reliable. Binding.
Our company security.

SCHNELL MEDIA is a company that operates globally to German standards. This means whatever the order you place with us – we deliver! Just as ordered. We can do this because we complete orders in a seamless process. And distribute single process phases between our sites worldwide thanks to cutting-edge server and operations management technology. Day in, day out, you can take advantage of the professional commitment and reliability we have been building our reputation on for years. Guaranteed.

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At a glance. Image editing.

Clipping path
Alpha masking
Color masking
Color correction