Expressive. Retouched.

We bring out the best in your images. When it comes to fashion and beauty photography the eye does not forgive disturbing elements and irregularities, scratches, reflection or shadow. No problem! Because at SCHNELL MEDIA we are more than adept at this particular aspect of modern image processing.

Whether small irregularities or larger blemishes, pixel-accurate beauty retouching or complex image manipulation: SCHNELL MEDIA optimizes your material. Fast. Professionally. And by hand.

Impressive. Perfected.

Our 580 staff members worldwide will also retouch your advertising photos: In high volumes, pixel accurate and by hand. They are so skilled and professional that your photos look more natural after retouching than before. Try us! We’ll show you how it’s done. Gladly.

Natural. Optimized.

Wherever cosmetics and health enhancing products are professionally marketed, the perfect presentation of beauty plays an
enhanced role. And because even in professional photography this perfection cannot be achieved without targeted post production,
SCHNELL MEDIA offers a pixel-accurate beauty retouching service with maximum precision. And to unbeatable conditions.

Beauty retouching

At a glance. Image editing.

Clipping path
Alpha masking
Color masking
Color correction