True. Color management.

True color fidelity through accurate color reproduction: Our specialty for today's highly-developed world of online and offline representation. Minimizing color deviation between image input and output has been our greatest challenge and goal from day one. Our own specially developed in-house color management system and a totally new color recognition method (discrepancy < 5 %) has brought us closer than ever to this vision. And not without pride might we add: to the regular amazement of our customers.

True to original. Adjusted.

Our experience and a totally new color recognition method make it easy for us to determine the original color of your samples. The subsequent color correction process allows us to get the best out of all your images.

Color correction

Impressive. Expressive.

Our 580 highly professional staff members worldwide will also retouch your advertising photos. Pixel accurate and by hand. Fast, efficient, inexpensive. And sure.


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