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You’ve probably already noticed: It’s not just our editing services that are unique. But also the way these services get to our customers, to you. If you would like to know more, read the frequently asked questions and about our process application active media solution.

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Who is active media solution the right choice for?

active media solution is a production management solution connecting product information to advertising data and allowing for centralized management and utilization of the media data.

What services does active media solution offer?

active media solution is a production management solution connecting product information to advertising data and allowing for centralized management and utilization of the media data.

Connecting data

In active media solution, images, logos, layouts, montages, PDF files and text data etc are elements which are organised, searched and found by their corresponding names. In addition, interrelated elements are combined into one item, all of whose relevant advertising data will be available via one distinct item ID.

Data distribution

active media solution manages the distribution of advertising data among different departments and places. All advertising data, images, logos, layouts, texts, etc, are automatically delivered to different users and become instantly accessible.

Cross medial

active media solution takes a cross-media approach and facilitates utilisation of the elements across different media, making it possible to place, for instance, images of products both in the advertising leaflet or brochure and in the online shop.

What modules make up active media solution?

active media solution comprises the two core modules activeCompose and activeElements. Each active module is customized for the individual needs of the respective user group, allowing for the smooth exchange of data.

activeCompose = digital call for advertising measures/integration of purchasing department

The aim of the application is to support members of the purchasing department in the gathering of information and in the preparation of advertising materials or updates to the online shop. Operating the programme is intuitive and allows for the “creation of new leaflet pages from old pages” as well as for the fast entering of product lists featuring the respective information such as image, text, price and information Data can thus be immediately utilized for the design of the advertising material in the graphics department.

activeElements = layout support

As a software tool for designers, activeElements provides for easy and fast transfer of advertising elements into the layout programme via drag&drop, thus facilitating a time-saving way of creating page layouts – with or without activeCompose data. Thanks to the organized structure of the data, the graphic designer is able to focus on the core task – designing.

How are the active modules installed?

A staff member will take care of the initial installation for you on site. In the process, active media solution will be integrated into the current system and customized according to your individual needs. The active modules are independent applications which are installed on the computer via one easy click. In the event of a software update, the active modules are updated automatically.

Which operating systems are supported?

activeCompose system requirements:

PC running on Microsoft® Windows XP (from Service Pack 2), Windows Vista or Windows 7 In addition, .NET FrameWork von Microsoft is also required.

activeElements system requirements:

PC running on Microsoft® Windows XP (from Service Pack 2), Windows Vista or Windows 7
Apple Macintosh running on OS X 10.4 or higher

Which file formats can active media solution work with?

active media solution supports all commonly used advertising material formats (PSD, EPS, TIF, AI, JPG, PDF, QXD, INDD). Depending on the individual programming, other formats may be added at any time.

Which layout programmes are supported by active media solution?

Leading desktop publishing software like Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress are supported by active media solution.

Do you have more questions about active media solution?

If your questions not have been fully answered, we will be happy to personally assist you at any time:

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