Impressive. Retouching and masking.

Make your fashion and beauty photos say more than a thousand words! The pursuit of physical perfection plays a big role in today’s world of professional fashion, cosmetics and wellness marketing. At SCHNELL MEDIA we provide this sector with the very best image editing services. Pixel accurate and by hand. Even in high volumes! From color correction to the removal of disturbing elements, blemishes, irregularities, scratches, reflection or shadow. So that you and your advertising materials can shine in the truest sense of the word.

Impressive. Expressive.

Our 580 highly professional staff members worldwide will also retouch your advertising photos. Pixel accurate and by hand. Fast, efficient, inexpensive. And sure.


Precise. Masking.

Technical and staffing capabilities allow us to cut out even the finest image content in especially large numbers and of the very best quality.

Alpha masking

Perfect. Cut outs.

For all those who need a large number of cut outs. We produce each run in top quality. Fast. Professional. Perfect.

Cut outs

Well sorted. Our services – our customers.

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