High-End. Image editing.

Every fashion, furniture and catalogue photographer knows that color masking to reproduce different colors and patterns, especially in large numbers, is as necessary as it is exacting. Let us spare you the time-intensive legwork and do it for you. As we have been doing for big studios for years: Faster. More specialized. More efficient.

Did you know? At SCHNELL MEDIA we have developed a unique and efficient color recognition method in true color quality. It allows our image editing specialists to almost perfectly adjust your illustrations to the original color. Hard to believe, but true: Color deviation is less than 5 %.

True to original. Adjusted.

Our experience and a totally new color recognition method make it easy for us to determine the original color of your samples. The subsequent color correction process allows us to get the best out of all your images.

Color correction

Versatile. Variety.

SCHNELL MEDIA professional color masking technology allows you to showcase the different colors and styles of your products without having to reshoot furniture, textiles or other industrial products in different colors and textures.

Color masking

Precise. Masking.

Technical and staffing capabilities allow us to cut out even the finest image content in especially large numbers and of the very best quality.

Alpha masking

Well sorted. Our services – our customers.

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