Holistic approach. To competence.

We combine our know-how with efficiency and experience to generate real expertise! Over the years this has helped position SCHNELL MEDIA as the partner of choice in the field of professional image editing and high-volume media production. Thanks to our global outreach, our 580 employees worldwide and our focus on top quality results, today we can offer our customers a holistic spectrum of competencies that is just about unique on the market. In range as well as in terms of service and conditions.

Image editingProfessional image editing
with clipping24
Process managementManage processes with
active media solution
Media productionPre-Press for
trade marketing


Alpha masking

Color masking

Color corrections



Video post-production

Management of image, merchandise
management and marketing data

Advertising media planning

Layout of brochures

Controlling of all deadlines

Direct online link between
shop and product database



Color management

Quality management

Trained staff at every site. Intelligent software solutions individually customized. Quality, experience and deadline reliability
Application examples
  • Prepare all data for print and e-commerce
  • Retouching: Inlay retouching and hollow man (neck joint work)
  • Composing
  • Avatar editing
  • Vectorization for technical instructions
  • Color correction and digitalization of physical fabric patterns
  • Central product database with image, marketing and inventory control data for trading companies.
  • Just-in-time planning of sales brochures by the purchasing dept.
  • Workflow optimization
    (access to the same up-to-date data for all those involved)
  • Brochures and leaflets for furniture stores
  • Mailshots for grocery retailers
  • Advertising material for pet supplies trade
  • Promotional consumer electronics brochures
Target group
  • Photo studios
  • E-commerce agencies
  • Lithographic companies
  • Reproduction services providers
  • Online traders
  • Publishers
  • Multichannel agencies
  • Purchasing, sales and marketing for trading companies
  • Trade marketing