Image editing.

Our clipping service is a reliable, quality
solution for all those who work with
professional image material. Even in high
volumes we provide cutting paths, retouching,
masks, vector conversion, image conversion as
well as color correction. Of the very best quality.

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Process solutions.

Our modular active media solution is
process software tailored to the demands
of modern media production. Its features
allow us to support our customers by
simplifying the work flow. And manage
large amounts of image data.

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Media production.

Our print media service takes the hard work
out of creating your individual trade brochures
and catalogues: in fact, out of the entire
production process! From database-supported
product placement through perfect image
processing up to print-ready PDF.

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Convincing. Your digital factory.

17,000 images.
A day.

We deliver professional quality
even in large runs. Our production
processes are geared to this.
For your benefit.

580 employees.

At SCHNELL MEDIA one thing
is sure: Your project! Because we
and our services are backed up
by a worldwide network of

Operational safety.
Yes, sure!

Whatever you agree on with us
goes! Because reliability and
commitment are at the heart of
everything we do.

Data security.

Security is not just written large
in our book but XXL! Because we
cannot – and will not – stand
for any loss of images.

Strong. On performance.

SCHNELL MEDIA offers a wide and convincing range of services in the field of digital image editing.
As well as in the production of efficient and effective advertising materials.

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