We offer a wide, exciting and inspiring range of digital image processing services.

Support across the board

All eyes on the customer. That’s what we do. With roots in traditional image processing, throughout our history we have constantly upped the ante and introduced highly specialised services. From image editing and media data management to process consultation and custom IT solutions, we’ve got your back with a full range of client support services.

Image editingAI+
Media productionProcess management
3D visualizationVideo editing


Professional image processing

From clipping to color correction and CGI modelling, we provide a complete range of professional image processing services, even for large print runs.

Fast. Reliable. Precise.

AI+ - Image processing by Artificial Intelligence

Large amounts of images require stable production processes. We constantly rely on AI - Artificial Intelligence (AI), tailor-made processes and the competence of our experienced specialists.

Precise. Individually. Vivid.

  • AI+ based image processing for maximum quality and speed
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Systhesis of innovative software and our specialists

Perfection with large print runs

We provide experience and expertise from advertising planning to print-ready PDF and accompany you throughout the entire production process.

Fast. Reliable. Precise.

Individual process consultancy

High volumes need IT expertise and workflow experience. We have these skills and support our customers with customized software solutions and efficient processes.

Fast. Versatile. Individual.

The future is three-dimensional

Get that competitive edge. With no need for photo shoots, we can create deceptively realistic 3D visualizations of products that do not yet exist or are not yet available, even in large quantities.

Fast. Precise. Realistic.

  • High volumes
  • 3D models for AR and CGI

Perfectly staged

From color corrections to the creation of video effects, we offer you the full range of professional video editing.

Lively. Realistic. Precise.

  • Color correction (general color corrections; color adjustments according to provided references; skin and background color adjustments)
  • Creation of video effects (speed ramps, slow motion, logo or font insertions, split screens)
  • Keying (Green/Blue Screen Removal)
  • Rotoscopy (background removal from various backgrounds)
  • background extension
  • video encoding

Our services include, among other things:

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Moving forward with an idea
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Fashion is fast, and so are we. We advise on, optimize and deliver even large volumes of high quality images overnight.

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The more variations, the better. We walk you through the processes and do the complete post-processing of all your images for you.

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We eat with our eyes. Our professionals can advise you on the best way to present food and beverages.

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Our vast range of image processing services allows us to deliver precision down to the last detail.

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We support you with our know-how even before your project has kicked off. We reduce post-processing time and structure image sets so that photos can still be found months later.

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Photo studios

We adapt your processes to reduce post-processing time and structure your images so that they can be accessed even at a much later date.

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Managing quality and safeguarding its consistency is the ultimate objective of a professional image editing service. We help you achieve it.

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Stationary Trade

Our highly specialized digital solutions protect you from cost pressure. Based on construction data, we model every variation of a piece of furniture for you.

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