Detailed. Vectorization & cutouts.

Detailed views and complex exploded views play a key role in marketing, especially in the automotive, motor, spare parts and steel processing industries. Our specialty! Modern image editing methods and 580 employees worldwide allow us to work with the finest graphical details. With the help of a highly developed process management and handling tool we create custom worlds of images, catalogues and brochures that can be tailored to the respective industry requirements. In especially high volumes! Because we want your media to make an impact where it really matters: In the eye of the beholder.

Lossless. Vectorization for every format.

We convert pixel-based logos, product sketches and exploded view drawings without loss of detail or quality by hand.


Perfect. Cut outs.

For all those who need a large number of cut outs. We produce each run in top quality. Fast. Professional. Perfect.

Cut outs

True to original. Adjusted.

Our experience and a totally new color recognition method make it easy for us to determine the original color of your samples. The subsequent color correction process allows us to get the best out of all your images.

Color correction

Well sorted. Our services – our customers.

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