Convenient. active media solution.

The fact that we work together so effectively and efficiently with our customers has to do with our highly developed customer, service and goal orientation strategies. This is exemplified by our active media solution for managing large volumes of media data.

With this flexible system solution we enable all those involved in the process to customize sales-related media from the database with just a few clicks of the mouse. We have made it our mission to simplify the advertising planning process for our customers. And to optimize the production process. From raw material to print-ready PDF.

The software. active media solution.

active media solution is a modular, customizable software solution we have developed especially for the standardized production of trade brochures in high volumes. It enables the effective production of advertising material by centrally combining all the relevant product information and data.

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Data management. On the activeServer.

We merge your image, marketing and merchandise management data at our central server center. To simplify access.

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Page design.
With activeCompose.

activeCompose allows you to design the pages of your
brochure with images and text just by drag & drop.
Direct from the activeServer database.

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Data output.
Via activeWeb.

Our intelligent product database allows direct output of
image data for operators of online shops. For the up-to-date
maintenance of your shop files.

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Data transfer. Via activeElements.

actveElements allows you to securely transfer a rough layout created in house to an external graphics department or agency.

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