Attractive. Image editing.

Whether online or offline: No other business like mail order wholesale needs such large numbers of post-processed images like cutouts, so-called “Hollow man” and neck joint retouching, zoom details, color correction or adjustment, from digital fabric designs. With 580 employees worldwide located at sites in Germany, Thailand, Bangladesh and Cambodia, we at SCHNELL MEDIA have focussed on – and specialized in – this demand for large numbers of professionally edited images.

Perfect. Cut outs.

For all those who need a large number of cut outs. We produce each run in top quality. Fast. Professional. Perfect.

Cut outs

Versatile. Variety.

SCHNELL MEDIA professional color masking technology allows you to showcase the different colors and styles of your products without having to reshoot furniture, textiles or other industrial products in different colors and textures.

Color masking

Well sorted. Our services – our customers.

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